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Royal Botanical Gardens

Is it spring yet? No, but it’s quickly approaching. This is a comforting thought for everyone interested in visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario. A series of beautiful gardens will be on display, as they are each year, for the public to enjoy. Fresh scents of spring and flowers fill the air and everyone walking through looks just a little happier about their lives. If you feel like it’s been a long winter, you’re not the only one. We’ve been waiting patiently – ok, not so patiently – for the 2018 grand opening of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The best time to visit the Botanical Gardens is on a sunny day, the day or afternoon after a little rain. This is when the gardens are the most beautiful because the soil and plants have replenished themselves with water and nutrients. The sun comes and gives the plants the rest of their energy. Just like people, the flowers thrive when given water, fresh air, and the right amount of sun.

If the warm months are too far away and you want to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens, we have good and bad news for you. First: the bad news. The gardens are located outdoors so they are only open in the spring and in the summer.  The good – even great – news is that wintertime for the Royal Botanical Gardens means a time to visit unique exhibitions. For example, this year from January 20th to April 15th you can visit RBG to enjoy the aesthetically astonishing, unique sounding, and oddly appealing… FROGS! We bet there are more to the life of frogs than you had ever thought possible. Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens before the end of this exhibition to see exactly what we mean!

Unsure how to get to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario? RBG is located on the border of Burlington and Hamilton. If you’re coming from out of town, the easiest option is to open up Google Maps and type in the address: 680 Plains Road West, Hamilton, Ontario. If you’re coming from Toronto you can take the Go Bus or Go Train. The bus will stop directly in front of the Royal Botanical Gardens and the train station is only two miles away. If you’re coming by car there are plenty or parking spots available. Outside of the RBG is a large parking lot with at least 50 spots. It is paid parking and the cost depends on how long you plan on staying.

Wherever you’re coming from, we can assure you the journey will be worth it. Take the scenic route to get in the mood for the best garden experience you’ve ever had in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture a one-of-a-kind garden. Each year the layouts of the gardens are a little different and there are always landscaping inspired surprises to look forward to. RBG treats gardening as a form of art. The trip may inspire you to recreate a beautiful garden of your own.


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