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What's Fascia?

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All About Fascia

When it comes time to repair or replace the gutters on your home, chances are you will speak with a specialist who may throw around terms that are unfamiliar. Thankfully we are here to give you a crash course to help you better understand what some of these parts are, and why they are an important part of your home.

A fascia is one such important part that helps to holds your house together. A fascia board is an implement that is used to hold the eavestrough and gutters on your home in place. They also help to keep condensation and moisture away from your roof which can lead to costly repairs if left unchecked.

If the fascia boards on your roof are damaged, it’s important to get them repaired as soon as possible. For property owners who plan to replace their roof for any reason, it’s highly recommended that the fascia is repaired prior to starting any roof work.

Where is the fascia located?

Take a look along the ends of your roofline, you will notice a boar that seems like a trim or edging that is connecting the trusses and rafters. This board is called the fascia. You are able to see this board only from the outside of your home, and along with providing a finishing touch on your home, it also holds your gutters in place.


What does fascia do and what is it made of?

The majority of homes feature fascia that is made of wood, but they are also available in plastic, aluminum, and vinyl. All of these materials allow the fascia to keep the inside of the house and the roof safe from moisture that wants to enter. They also create a smooth edge to the corners of your home, making the whole house aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of what fascia is made of, if water finds its way behind it, then it is open to damage which will prevent it from protecting your home the way it was intended. Some of the most common reasons water can find its way behind the fascia are due to water ice dames, shingle overhangs being improperly places or clogged gutters.

How to protect the fascia board

Eavestrough and Siding Installers is always available to repair or replace your fascia as needed, but we also have suggestions that can help you protect the fascia from the start. Installing a drip edge is one such method that will deflect water away from the board instead of behind it. This is a metal joint that is shaped like an L and is attached to the decking of the roof. It helps keep water and rot from getting under the shingles on your roof. They are usually part of every roof install, but make sure to confirm that your contractor is using them to ensure that your home is protected.

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